How to Write Irresistible Descriptions for Your Profile or Website


A lot of providers focus on having great photos but having equally great copy is the secret to getting awesome clients.

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Writing captivating descriptions for your websites is crucial for attracting top-quality clients. In this episode, I discuss the importance of creating unique and compelling descriptions that not only set you apart from others but also attract the exact type of client that you want.

Let’s start off with a generic description that we’ve all seen before.

“Hello and welcome to my website. I’m so glad you found me. I’m definitely for individuals of an acquired and refined taste. To best describe myself, I’d say that I have a bubbly personality and am eager to please. I’m open-minded, adventurous, and excited to make new connections.”

The problem with a generic description like this is:

1. Lack of Distinction

This description fails to distinguish itself from another provider. If your website introduction sounds like everyone else’s, you’re missing an opportunity to stand out.

2. Overemphasis on Looks

Without anything compelling in the description, the provider is relying on their looks to get the date. Relying solely on physical appearance will often attract clients that are only interested in the superficial, resulting in lower-quality interactions and short-term engagements.

3. Failure to Spark Imagination

A generic description does little to excite the client’s imagination about what a date with you would be like. Initial attraction may be based on looks, but the feeling the client has during the date is what will keep them coming back.

Here’s another generic description.

“I’m your busty doll that is ready for individuals of an acquired and refined taste. To best describe myself, I’d say that I have a bubbly personality and am eager to please. I’m open-minded, adventurous, and excited to make new connections. I enjoy exploring cities, spa days, watching sports, wine tasting, cooking, and shopping. Let’s get to know each other, and I look forward to hearing from you.”

This is a typical description that we’ve seen on hundreds of websites. Let’s add some more details to make it compelling and show off some of our character.

“I am a captivating enchantress, waiting for those distinguished gentlemen with a taste refined and cultivated. My leisure time is spent discovering the hidden areas of new cities, pampering myself with luxury spa days, and enjoying the sophistication of upscale dining.

Whether cheering on my local sports team or indulging in the delicate nuances of fine wine, I am a connoisseur of life’s discrete pleasures. Beauty to me is not just a word but a way of life, a celebration of the senses, and a journey through the exquisite tapestry of nightlife. Won’t you join me in this odyssey of connection and discovery?”

This description could be improved even more by adding specific details such as which sports team you like or the exact type of wine you enjoy. Being specific about your interests helps create a vivid picture in the client’s mind. This not only helps them visualize the potential date but also establishes common ground for meaningful connections.

Another thing to think about when writing your description is who your target audience is. If you’re a 20-something female provider but your clients are 40-50 year old individuals, your descriptions should be written to appeal to them. What type of hobbies do your clients enjoy? What restaurants do they visit? What sports teams do they follow?

Create the persona that is interested in the same things as your clients, and you will increase your bookings as the clients will “feel” that they already have a connection with you just by reading your website.

How to Use AI to Write Your Descriptions

In today’s digital age, leveraging AI technology can enhance your website copy. Tools like Chat GPT can rewrite your descriptions in different tones and styles, catering to specific target demographics. This enables you to tailor your messaging to the preferences and desires of your ideal clients.

I wanted to test this so I ran this description through chatGPT and gave it different prompts.

Original Description

Hello and welcome to my profile. I’m so glad you found me. I’m definitely for men of an acquired and refined taste. To best describe myself I’d say that I have a bubbly personality and am eager to please. I’m open minded, adventurous and excited to make new connections. I enjoy exploring cities, spa days, watching sports, wine tasting, cooking, and shopping. Let’s get to know each other and I look forward to hearing from you.

Flirty AI Version

Hey there, welcome to my little corner of charm! Delighted you stumbled upon me. I’m the perfect blend for those with a taste for the finer things. Picture this: a bubbly personality that’s as effervescent as your favorite champagne, and an eagerness to please that’s second to none. My mind is open, my spirit adventurous, and I’m absolutely thrilled about forging new connections.

When I’m not out conquering the city, you’ll find me indulging in spa days, cheering on my favorite teams, savoring exquisite wines, whipping up culinary masterpieces, and adding a touch of glamour to my shopping sprees. Let’s dive into the excitement of getting to know each other. I can’t wait to hear from you and start this flirty journey together!

Myserteous AI Version

Greetings, wanderer. Welcome to the enigma that is my profile. I’m pleased to see you’ve uncovered this hidden realm. For those with discerning tastes, I am a mysterious blend of contradictions waiting to be unraveled. Picture me as a shadowy figure with a persona that flickers like a clandestine flame.

Within the depths of my being, you’ll discover a personality that dances on the edge of the unknown, leaving you curious and intrigued. My mind, a labyrinth of secrets, is open to the enigmatic and the unexplored. I find excitement in the mystery of forging connections that transcend the ordinary.

Away from prying eyes, I indulge in the art of exploration in cities shrouded in secrets, relish silent spa retreats, witness the drama of sports unfold, and sip on wines with stories only whispered in the finest cellars. Culinary alchemy and clandestine shopping escapades complete my repertoire.

Shall we embark on this cryptic journey of discovery? I await the unraveling of our mysterious connection with anticipation.

Serious AI Version

Salutations and welcome to my profile. I’m honored by your presence. I am a person of refined tastes, and my demeanor reflects a seriousness that accompanies a discerning mindset. To encapsulate my essence concisely, envision a personality that carries a composed gravitas with a commitment to excellence.

My mindset is contemplative and deliberate, embracing the qualities of open-mindedness and a zest for adventure. I approach the prospect of building connections with a genuine seriousness, valuing the depth and sincerity of meaningful interactions.

In the tapestry of my interests, you’ll find a penchant for exploring urban landscapes, seeking rejuvenation in serene spa environments, observing the artistry of sports, savoring the nuances of fine wines, crafting culinary creations, and engaging in purposeful shopping experiences.

If the prospect of forging a connection with a person of substance aligns with your aspirations, I invite you to delve deeper into the layers of my world. I look forward to the prospect of connecting with someone who values the weight of authenticity and shared purpose.

Academic AI Version

Greetings and welcome to the intellectual expanse of my profile. It is a pleasure to engage with a mind attuned to the nuances of refined knowledge. I am, without doubt, tailored for those who appreciate the intellectual realm.

Allow me to succinctly portray myself as possessing an academic temperament—methodical, analytical, and deeply immersed in the pursuit of knowledge. My receptiveness to diverse ideas and an unwavering curiosity fuel a passion for exploration and intellectual discourse.

In the scholarly corridors of my interests, you’ll find me navigating the urban landscape, seeking enlightenment in the tranquility of spa retreats, observing the strategic dynamics of sports, appreciating the complexities of fine wines, experimenting with gastronomic endeavors, and engaging in purposeful and meticulously planned shopping expeditions.

If the prospect of connecting with a mind that resonates with the symphony of academic pursuits aligns with your own intellectual aspirations, I extend an invitation to explore the depths of my intellectual landscape. I eagerly anticipate the exchange of profound ideas and the potential blossoming of a connection grounded in the realms of academia.

As you can see AI doesn’t do a great job of writing compelling descriptions as they all have that “written by AI” feel to them but it can be a good starting point when creating your own descriptions.


Writing captivating descriptions for your website is a crucial step in attracting top quality clients. Avoid generic narratives and focus on creating an experience that entices clients to imagine what a date with you would be like.

By appealing to their senses and needs, you create a desire in them to want to connect with you even before the date starts.

If you’re struggling with your website copy, feel free to reach out and we’d be happy to help craft a description that amazes and delights your clients.

We create beautiful customized websites that are designed around your brand and personality.

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